100% natural andgluten free playdough

With broccoliseed oil

With coconut oiland cocoa butter

Fatty acids
Vitamin C
To nourish & moisturise

What makes Imagine Playdough unique?

Imagine Playdough – Playdough like never before! This unique, one of a kind gluten-free playdough has been invented by South African, Leigh Hind, the owner of Aromadough. This local mom took years of research to perfect a global first - a playdough that nourishes and moisturises children’s hands as they play as well as giving them antioxidants and vitamins through play... A combination of coconut oil, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil and broccoli seed oil makes up the silky soft, nutritious playdough. Rice and potato flour have been used instead of standard flour to guarantee a gluten-free playdough. Pure, odourless broccoli seed oil contains antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamins C and A. Imagine playdough is also good for children who suffer with dermatitis, rosacea and eczema.

Another beautiful feature of Imagine Playdough is that it can be left out of the tub without drying out for up to 48 hours. No more throwing away crumbly and dry playdough that was forgotten on the floor! It’s highly moisturizing, non-greasy and absorbs easily. It can get sticky if left in the sun so pop it in the fridge to firm it up if it becomes too soft. Imagine playdough is also a natural product, 100% locally made and contains no preservatives and chemicals. All the ingredients are food grade and edible.

Choose Imagine Playdough for long lasting, nourishing, healthy play!

Available in 100g | 500g | 750g


100g Imagine Playdough

5 Colours:
Blue | Yellow | Red | Pink | Purple

750g Imagine Playdough


750g Imagine Playdough


750g Imagine Playdough


750g Imagine Playdough


750g Imagine Playdough


500g Mixed Bucket

With all 5 colours

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